Second Year Residents

All first and second year students living on campus are required to buy a meal plan from the residential plan options. Second year residents can choose from the Unlimited, Bronze, Basic 21, or Teal Block plan. Unlimited, weekly, and block meal plans are to be used by the possessor of the meal plan only.  To access your previous housing applications and visit Step 13 to change your current meal plan.

1.       You can select or change your meal plan by logging into MyCoastalHome, , where you completed your housing application.

2.       Log in with the external service for Coastal-Student SSO Login. Enter your CCUs credentials to access your account.

3.       Select the task bar on the left side of the screen and select Select Off Campus Meal Plan.
    a.       If you have issues choosing your meal plan or housing application, please contact University Housing at 843-349-6400.

You will auto re-enroll in your meal plan next semester, unless you opt-out. 
Dining Dollars do not roll over, non-refundable, expire at end of semester. Additional re-loaded Dining Dollars roll over, they do not expire.

  • Unlimited (2018-2019) $1,875.00

    Unlimited (2018-2019)

    • Unlimited Meals per semester
    • $200 Dining Dollars
    • 5 Guest Meals
  • Bronze Block 225 (2018-2019) $1,700.00

    Bronze Block 225 (2018-2019)

    • 225 Meals per semester
    • $250 Dining Dollars
    • 5 Guest Meals
  • Teal Block 150 (2018-2019) $1,550.00

    Teal Block 150 (2018-2019)

    • 150 Meal per semester
    • $400 Dining Dollars
    • 5 guest meals & Late Night Access
  • Basic 21 (2018-2019) $1,625.00

    Basic 21 (2018-2019)

    • 21 Meals per week / per semester
    • $100 Dining Dollars

Need help with your meal plan?