Food Security


Sitting down to enjoy our favorite foods can be the highlight of the day. But food matters even more because the foods we eat have a purpose. The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals, every day and throughout our lives! Discovering and choosing the right foods can propel you forward, help you succeed and keep you healthy. But for many of us, eating healthy is challenging. It takes planning, it takes time—it even takes the creativity and courage to listen to new ideas, try new foods and open up to new flavors.  

  • We are accommodating food security for students who are in need of meal swipes.
  • Students are able to donate 5 meal swipes per donation day.
  • Students can also purchase nonperishable items to donate to the CINO Pantry.
If you are in need of food assistance and would like to request meal swipe support please fill out this form and the Dean of Students Office will assist you through the process.

Contact our Dietitian

Kayla Welch

Kayla Welch, Registered Dietitian

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Special Dietary Needs

Allergies Guide
Our dining locations have the ability to accommodate many food allergies and we work hard to ensure dining options on campus are as safe as possible. We strongly recommend any students on campus with dietary restrictions to contact us so that we may become familiar with their needs and take action to meet concerns. We recognize and accommodate your dietary needs in a way that's personalized, sensitive and supportive. We pride ourselves on working with you to make sure you can find the food that fits your life. For more information on special dietary needs, please click the link below.

Guide To Managing Food Allergies